OK, my attempt at a gift guide….

I have been included in a few gift guides, but this is my first attempt at creating one for this Holidays. My list only includes things I use daily and adore. These are things you should go get immediately for you or for someone you love 🙂 Most items are handmade from Etsy (really important to support that in as many ways as I can) or from local Natural Markets here in Seattle.

Face Stuff-The Nitty Gritty:

Carrot Calendula Bar from Greensprings. It is the creamiest and most gentle soap I have used on my face. Not to mention, it smells fantastic. I love the carrot in this. There is just something about this soap that is so different from other bars. I would not normally use a soap on my face, but this one is superb and not drying.

Frankincense Clean Glow Facial Cleanser from Greensprings. This is my go to make-up remover and gently cleanser in the mornings. It is full of skin-nourishing oils like  organic olive oil, organic jojoba oil, organic caster oil, vitamin E, frankincense essential oil, organic roobios tea extract, and organic black willowbark extract. I love to apply it before a shower and let the steam and the cleanser work together.

Passion Rose Hydrosol Facial Tonic from Greensprings. Yes, do you see a theme here? I love Jo’s products and this Hydrosol is top-notch. It is so gentle and smells DIVINE. It balances my skin so well and it is so affordable. I adore it.

Organic Rose Face Food from Greensprings. Trust me folks, the BEST moisturizer out there. I adore this cream especially  in the Fall and Winter months. I also love to use it with my mineral foundation in the cold months as it adds a layer of extra moisture to my face for the day.

Face Stuff-Time to look good

Raw Earth Powder Foundation from Crush Groove CosmeticsI have been using Jenique’s Foundation for years. It is about the most natural mineral foundation I have found and one of the few I have tried that does not make my face break out or itch. Crush Groove has shades for every skin color. I love it!

Cheeky Mineral Tint from FrenchGirl Organics. One of my favorite places to for skin care. This cheek tint wears the best on me and the colors are amazing. I prefer “TuTu Cheeky”, a nice warm and slightly pink shade with a gorgeous shimmer. Not too dark on my skin and the smell is always amazing. They are currently working on some new sizes for the cheek tints so, sadly, we have to wait for more. When they become available, I am the first in line for more!

Cerise Rose Sugar Lip Tint by FrenchGirl Organics. When my absolute favorite lipstick from Aromaleigh went away, I quickly began my search for a replacement. I found it from a LOCAL seller too! Cerise is a gorgeous cherry color with the emollient feel of a lip gloss. It is not sticky or dry and goes on like a dream. I can apply more for a darker and richer look and less for the day. It smells amazing as well and now I have 5 different shades in my makeup bag. Love it!

The Skin-Time to Moisturize and Smell Good

Jasmine Vanilla Skin Cream by Wash The Day Away. I have ordered many different products from Rebecca and love all of them. From the facial cleansing soaps to the moisturizers, her products are always organic and fantastic. I recently ordered a few things from her shop and the one I have been going to daily is the Jasmine Vanilla skin cream. It has been keeping my really dry and cracked skin on my hands nice and silky. It is a generous 8 ounce jar too filled with lots of organic shea butter and deliciously-scented with Jasmine and Vanilla with a hint of citrus.

Ambre Noir Face & Body Cream by FrenchGirl Organics. Um, this cream is probably the best smelling stuff ever. I can’t describe how sensual and yummy it is. Vanilla, Sandalwood, a smoky accord that has hints of Labdanum and Benzoin. Don’t know, but it is amazing. The doubly Whammy is that is moisturizes so well while smelling fantastic. I want this in every possible form: Perfume, Soap, all of it! It is decadent and a perfect scent for Fall and Winter. Yum and Yum.

Reglisse Noire by 1000 Flowers . I, like many others, have been lured into the sexy perfume so easily. I was so intrigued by the list of notes on this blend and the glowing reviews, that I had to try. Licorice….ok, maybe not something I would gravitate towards, but my goodness, when blended seamlessly with Cocoa, Vanilla and Musk, the result is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I have been wearing this perfume constantly. I am in love!

*All the photos used come from the webstores of these wonderful artists. Thank you for the gorgeous products.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jo Cullumbine
    Dec 09, 2011 @ 05:20:21

    I’m honored to be included in this fabulous gift guide. I’m off to check out the others you featured!


  2. Jo Cullumbine
    Dec 09, 2011 @ 05:23:43

    I’m honored to be included in this fabulous gift guide and am off to check out the others featured!


  3. Jo Cullumbine
    Dec 09, 2011 @ 05:26:26

    Thanks your products are too! Sorry for the double post my computer is running slow.


  4. Cory
    Dec 09, 2011 @ 11:05:07

    I’m going to go buy myself one of the cheek tints now!


    • gabrielsaunt
      Dec 09, 2011 @ 15:09:32

      Cory, I think the cheek tints are still in package reformulation mode so not available yet. She is redoing some things I assures me that they will be back soon. I am anxiously waiting! Thanks for reading. Her shop is AMAZING.


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