Blog Location Change and Lots of big news!

Welcome to my new blog location! I switched over from Blogspot and now you can find both my Rebel & Mercury and Gabriel’s Aunt blogs here on WordPress.
Just wanted to share some fun and exciting news with you guys:
I will be moving my workshop next week and I am really excited about this. Every week I make an hour trek back and forth to my studio and this means no more of those trips! I will keep my shops open as I hope to get myself settled fairly quickly. I will also be really close to many of my favorite Seattle shops, including Sweet Anthem Atelier! Love West Seattle!
I have also been working on fixing some blends that either didn’t burn well or just needed a little extra something. One of those blends is “Cream & Sugar”. It has always eluded me on how to really make this candle special. My goal was to create a naturally-scented milk and spice blend. After many inconsistent batches and burning issues, I finally sat down and re-worked it. I’ve added some Tonka Bean (pricey, but amazing in the blend) and some other creamy notes to really round it out. It is truly lovely now. I sold out of most of my inventory at the Etsy Rain show! I hope you all will enjoy this revamped blend.  
Lastly, I am finishing up some gorgeous beeswax candles for Aftelier Perfumes in California. Mandy and spoke a few years ago about teaming up on creating candles with her essences and the time has come. Just in time for the Holidays, the candles are now available on Aftelier’s website and in 5 different blends. Trust me, they are gorgeous. My favorite is the Peppermint and Almond followed closely by the Apricot and Lemon. I have had a wonderful time working with Mandy on this project. If you are looking for some fragrant gifts for that hard to buy for person, these are perfect. I have enjoyed testing them myself and they burn beautifully.
  • Photo from Aftelier Perfumes